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The results of the conference "State regulation and the Russian pharmaceutical industry: the continuation of the dialogue"

The results of the conference "State regulation and the Russian pharmaceutical industry: the continuation of the dialogue"
Moskva, otel' «Marriott Royal Avrora». 38/5000 Moscow, Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel.

The 11th Scientific and Practical Conference “State Regulation and the Russian Pharmaceutical Industry: continuation of the dialogue”, organized by the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and the National Scientific Research Institute of Public Health named after N.A.Semashko, ended in Moscow.

The main topics of the event were the improvement of legislation regulating the circulation of medicines and the preparation of the National Drug Policy.

A wide range of participants representing federal and regional ministries and authorities, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the State Duma, the higher medical school, the pharmaceutical business and the expert community discussed current industry issues, focusing on the main topics of the event.

Opening the conference, the Director General of the ARPM, Victor Dmitriev, stressed the importance of preparing the National Drug Policy, identifying priority areas for the industry based on concerted actions of state authorities at various levels, setting the main vector for adjusting the regulatory framework and serving as a basis for making decisions on the development of drug supply programs and projects. .

Developing the main theme, the Scientific Director of the National Research Institute of Public Health named after N.A. Semashko, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ramil Khabriev spoke about the models of drug supply, discussed at the working group headed by him, focusing on the need to take into account losses incurred by the state due to the lack of drug insurance.

State control and supervision at all stages of the life of a medicinal product is the most important component of any medical supply system. The presentation of the Deputy Head of Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) Valentina Kosenko was devoted to this. The speaker spoke about the novels on the introduction of drugs into circulation, which are waited by the market from the new year. “Serious work with market experts in working groups is today a priority direction in the law-making activity of the authority,” she said, speaking about the work on developing new documents and conducting an experiment on drug labeling.

Of great interest was the presentation of the Minister of Health of the Kirov region Andrey Chernyaev, who spoke about the experience of the Kirov region on the implementation of the co-payment system. The results of the Kirov experiment for two months are reflected in the table cited by the Minister:

Group of priviliges


Amount of recipes

Amount of packages

Amount of askers

5 of askers from total number of patients

Sum of subsidies


15 632

37 651

5 763


1 696 963.01

Coronary heart disease





141 327.84


22 630

52 077

7 574


2 800 287.72


During the experiment, problematic issues were also identified; this is a good example for other regions, and most importantly experience that can be used in the preparation of NDP.

Discussing issues of protecting intellectual property and novels related to the development of proposals for the implementation of legislative opportunities for compulsory licensing, the Director-General of AstraZeneca Russia and Eurasia, Irina Panarina said: “It is extremely important to take a set of measures aimed at protecting and supporting further investment by companies: creating a unified information system containing and linking information on patents for medicinal products, their duration and information on registered drugs; reproduced drug prices should not be recorded before the expiration of the patent for the original drug."

The final session was devoted to the review of the intermediate results of the experiment on the introduction of a system for monitoring the movement of drugs. According to the panelists, the preliminary results of the experiment are not encouraging. Significant regulatory, technical and administrative adjustments are required for the success of the project. Otherwise, the market will meet "man-made collapse", and patients will have lack of drugs.

Summing up the conference, Victor Dmitriev noted: “For the eleventh time, the conference gathered industry professionals for a frank conversation about the painful ones. Marking, the prospects of compulsory licensing, the possibility of co-payment in the supply of medicine, the complexity of pricing, attempts to regulate the relationship of manufacturers and pharmacies - this is only part of the issues that have caused emotional debate. It is not by chance that on the sidelines they called “The whole truth about the pharm,” which means that the event was a success! I want to thank all the participants and invite them to the twelfth conference in a year. ”


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