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  • Acute issues of drug supply of the country will be discussed in Kaliningrad

    The partnering "Medicines of Russia - for an interdisciplinary dialogue" will take place on September 25 in Kaliningrad. The focus is on the results of the implementation of the Pharma 2020 strategy, the modernization of the drug supply system, pilot projects for drug reimbursement, the availability and safety of drugs, fair competition in the pharmaceutical market. Now, these and other issues will be discussed at the meeting in the amber capital and online by heads of federal and regional authorities, leading experts of the pharmaceutical industry, managers and specialists of pharmaceutical industries, representatives of professional associations and communities.

  • Open letter to the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia

    Dear Colleagues!

    (And we, at least, are united by our long-term professional work as part of the expert council under the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) for the Development of Competition in the Social Sphere and Healthcare.)

  • Labeling - a step forward or stagnation?

    There is a threat of a lack of drugs in Russia, said experts of the round table "Labeling of Medicines" on the air of the radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Since July 1, the mandatory labeling of drugs has started, but manufacturers will soon be able to obtain permission from the interdepartmental commission and produce drugs without labeling until October 1. While some companies are waiting for permission, others are faced with technical failures and many hours of downtime when using the system under load. The lack of a clear understanding of the situation and jointly developed actions and solutions in a particular situation between government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry does not give positive results.

  • It is necessary to raise the degree of confidence in labeling

    On July 1, compulsory labeling of medicines began. On the same day, the industry learned about Government Decision No. 955, signed on the eve, “On the Peculiarities of Putting Medicines into the Civil Circuit for Medical Use”. Despite the numerous appeals of industry associations to the authorities, their fears about problems with the launch of the system and a possible lack of drugs  are still left without proper attention and the Resolution did not remove all the issues of the industry.

  • Labeling started. What is next?

    From July 1, 2020, labeling of drugs becomes mandatory in Russia. However, no one gives guarantees of its uninterrupted operation, especially since the industry announced that it was not ready to start. The State Duma has prepared amendments to Federal Law No. 61 “On the Circulation of Medicines,” which should give the government the right to postpone the introduction of mandatory labeling of medicines in full. In the near future, they will be discussed in the third reading.

  • From July 1, marking starts in manual mode

    Around the introduction of mandatory labeling of drugs in Russia there has been controversy for several years. Today the situation has escalated. There will be no postponing of start labeling. The inter-factional working group on improving the legislation in the field of drug provision recommended the Government a safe entry into the system from July 1. The Ministry of Health assured the deputies that there would be no problems with drug provision.

  • The pharmaceutical industry asked Vladimir Putin to postpone labeling start for 2021

    11 pharmaceutical industry organizations uniting drug manufacturers, distributors, pharmacy organizations, the patient community wrote a collective letter addressed to President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, in which draw attention of the head of state to the unpreparedness to launch industrial operation of the drug movement monitoring (DMM) system and give arguments why it is necessary to postpone the start scheduled for July 1, 2020.


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