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  • Fifty days before the start or how to live after July 1?

    Labeling of drugs starts on July 1, or again, for objective reasons, the start will be postponed? The issue of postponing the start of drug labeling is particularly acute in a pandemic when the uninterrupted and timely provision of drugs to patients is crucial. The pharmaceutical industry, while supporting and understanding the importance of introducing a labeling system, also notes the risks associated with the launch of a system that is not 100% ready. The world situation associated with the threat of the spread of coronavirus has led to quarantine restrictions, which negatively affects the ability to start the system on time.

  • Let's try to solve something that is easy to solve

    In the created difficult conditions, it is impermissible luxury not to use and doom quality and safe medicines to spoilage. The law enforcement practice of suspension of circulation of drugs due to the identification of comments on production is such that the drug waits for the resumption of circulation in the warehouse until the identified comments are eliminated. Correction of comments is confirmed by repeated (control) inspection of production. Today, on-site inspection has become impossible due to quarantine restrictions. Accordingly, drugs deprived of circulation are waiting for the expiration date getting "dusty" in warehouses. Is it right and prudent? Of course not, especially since patients who interrupted therapy suffer from this.

  • ARPM: there are no interruptions in drug supply and will not be

    To date, there is no interruption in medication and is not expected. We have sufficient reserves of drugs and raw materials, all the necessary reserves have been created. This was announced on April 16 by the director general of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Victor Dmitriev at the online conference of Kommersant Publishing House “Latest pharmaceutical industry news and anti-virus investments”.

  • Government Decree No. 500 is the victory of common sense

    On April 13, Government Decree No. 500 was issued, which temporarily suspended the previously issued 431 Decree. The industry perceived this as a victory of common sense. As early as April 7, the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers contacted the Ministry of Industry and Trade for clarification on the enforcement of the Government Decree of April 3, No. 431 “On establishing the characteristics of the circulation of medical devices ...

  • Patent fight under the covers

    Generic manufacturers are against linking patent protection with drug registration procedure. Experts are sure, protecting the interests of one, barriers are created for other market participants. The legislative initiative will have a negative impact on both the Russian healthcare system and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole.

  • ARPM: pharmaceutical industry mobilized to fight COVID-19

    Russia is doing everything possible to curb the spread of COVID-19. At this difficult time, the leading pharmaceutical companies unite and direct all their efforts to the creation and production of medicines and vaccines that everyone needs so much now. The pharmaceutical industry takes all necessary steps to maintain production continuity and ensure uninterrupted supply of medicines for patients both in Russia and the EAEU countries, and in countries that have applied for help to Russia.

  • Velfarm is a member of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

    The Association of Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers is replenishing its ranks. In accordance with the decision of the ARPM general meeting, the company Velpharm LLC (BRIGHT WAY group of companies) became a new member. The company noted that they are optimistic about joining the ranks of the Association, which unites leading Russian pharmaceutical companies.
    Velfarm LLC is a Russian full-cycle pharmaceutical manufacturer that creates modern, effective, safe and affordable medicines.


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